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Indian High Commission doing all it can to support stranded tourists, says Dhillon

The Indian High Commission was working round the clock to support Indian tourists who are stranded in New Zealand following the Covid-19 lockdown here and in India.

India's honorary consul in Auckland, Bhav Dhillon, said there were 900 visitors from India stranded around the country.

"Where some stranded tourists need medical help, need medicines, we're working round the clock on doing that," Dhillon said.

"So we're doing everything possible to help and support them."

Dhillon said the stranded tourists had to remain in New Zealand until April 14 when India was expected to reopen its borders to the world.

On Monday, the Indian High Commission also gave out food packs in Auckland to those Indian nationals who were in the country on temporary visas or student visas and did not qualify for help from the New Zealand government.

Dhillon pointed out that this help was only for those who did not have any other means of support during the lockdown period.

This support is now being continued through non-governmental agencies such as Bharatiya Samaj, or affected individuals could contact the High Commission through its website.

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