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COVID-19: Homeless migrant temporary worker finally gets accomodation

The Kiwi-Indian Chef who was rendered homeless ever since the country had entered into the Level-4 lockdown has finally been able to get an accommodation following an intervention from the office of the Hon Consul of India, on behalf of the Indian High Commission.

The Indian Weekender had earlier reported that Paras Gupta, a sous Chef, who had worked in several popular and top-level restaurants and Indian food chains was struggling to get entry into accommodation without an original passport, which was caught-up with Immigration New Zealand just before the country had entered into the complete lockdown.

Following the Indian Weekender’s reporting on the issue, Auckland based Hon. Consul of India, Bhav Dhillon, acting on behalf of the Indian High Commissioner, liaised with Bhartiya Samaj Charitable Trust to find appropriate accommodation.

Speaking to the Indian Weekender High Commissioner of India Muktesh Pardeshi said, “These are unprecedented times and we should all work together to ensure that everyone is safe and well looked after.”

“We are trying to find ways of how to help people of Indian origin who were either visiting or working in New Zealand on different types of temporary visas before being caught up in the lock-down.”

“This is the time for all of us to come together and support everyone who is caught-up in Covid-19 induced distress,” Mr Pardeshi said.

Meanwhile, Jeet Suchdev of Bhartiya Samaj Charitable trust told the Indian Weekender that he was being contacted by many people in distress situations and he and his team have been working in close coordination with the Hon Consul of India in Auckland to provide support to those who are in most desperate need.

Sharing more about the emergency accommodation arrangement for the stranded Indian Chef Mr Suchdev said, “We are ensuring that all strict guidelines of self-isolation are maintained while we help the person.”

“The accommodation will provide a separate room and basic facilities and no face to face contact being maintained at any stage,” Mr Suchdev said.

“These are difficult times and amidst everything we cannot leave our most vulnerable unsupported,” Mr Suchdev said.

Meanwhile, Paras had reached his new temporary accommodation and shared some pics with the Indian Weekender and thanked the members of the community who have expressed their concerns and offered to help during this confusing and stressful situation.

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